Climbing to the top of the stall in a public restroom and stradling the stall walls positioning your rectum 5 feet above the toilet, then pooping.
Super dump: I super dumped McDonald's yesterday.
by Contherad December 9, 2013
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When you see the bear cross the road or get a solid strike and let all the dogs out at once
I was driving down the road last night and ol slew foot ran across in front of me so I gave him the super dump
by Ppooppjklsshb69 September 19, 2020
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When you take a shit all so mighty that you may hit your head on a wall or floor.Then as you process to shit your penis is in the toilet water and as you flush it gets sucked and swirled in the water below.
When i was at Camp I took The Biggest Super Saiyan dump and it felt gross
by cosmicgaming January 28, 2016
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