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Hey Spencer I heard you got a 94 on the test! You're a genius!
Yeah but Shannon got a 98, she's a super genius..

*cries softly*
by not-a-super-genius May 22, 2011
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1.Adam Speicher
2.A genius that is superior to a normal genius.
Adam Speicher is a super-genius!
by adam speicher November 12, 2003
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Myself, someone who's more genius than the regular geniuses, extremey genius, smart, brilliant in every way, and has corrected his or her mind from genius to supergenius.
Genius: E = mc2.
Supergenius: actually, E equals mc theta.
Genius: you're not smarter than me.
Supergenius: actually I AM smarter than you!
by badmouth July 08, 2018
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