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Sup is a very nutty word that can be used in greeting one eachother when the person is a tank.

Suuuuup, can be used as an expression of excitement.
Aya: Hey Sup, how u doin?
Nutanese: Hey Sup!!! i am great how about you?

Aya: I'm great too! suuuuup
Nutanese: Suuuup
by The two Sups September 10, 2011
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Work-out supplements that slugs at West Point take three weeks prior to Christmas/Easter/summer break, to aid in their pathetic attempts at increasing their bicep size or getting a 6-pack
Yo dude Christmas is coming up, we better go get some sups from GNC.
by super slug November 09, 2009
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A contracted form of "What is up" or "What's up". See "What is up".
Seeing some friends, I often say "sup" to start a conversation and to see what they are up to.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
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