An easier way to say "what's up?"
Before, it was considered "wassup"
Now, it's just simply, "sup"
Some people consider the term just a way to say "hello"
However, most people think of it was a question.
If somebody asks "sup", you must reply "nm, you?"
You would reply "same"
Person 1: Sup.
Person 2: My mother was beaten up by gang members and was sent to the hospital. You?
Person 1: Same.
by fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou January 01, 2011
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When one wants to say "sup" or "what's up?" to multiple persons or a group collectively rather than every person individually.
Person approaching group of people: "Sups"
Group of people to person: Sup
by davecoppafeel June 29, 2011
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short version of "Wassup", "What's up", or "what up"
by ac January 30, 2004
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1. An abbreviation of "what's up?"

2. A surefire way of killing a conversation before it's even begun.
Bill: Hey.
Ted: Hey.
Bill: Sup?
Ted: Nm, u?
Bill: Nm.

*close conversation window after 30 mins of inactivity*
by Noiree February 26, 2010
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