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1. (n.) supper and lunch combined into one meal.
2. (n.) Sunday brunch.
3. (v.) From "Sun Munch", to eat outdoors on a sunny day.
4. (n.) a) the quilted part of grandma panties that absorbs feminine fluids and becomes stained; b) the part of any panties thus soiled.
1. I haven't eaten since breakfast and it's like 4. Looks like I'm having some sunch!
2. Shall we meet for sunch this week?
3. It was nice out, so I sunched the bag of chips.
4. Jeez, Jenn. What's the deal with your sunch?
by cody, jesse & nathan December 26, 2008
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When a lady clenches her vaginal muscles, usually on a man's penis during intercourse.
"I sneezed and coughed at the same time which caused me to sunch"
by BenSim'sDog August 15, 2011
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Any Sunday in the Month of March
I enjoy moist necking with crunchy, crispy scrotum every Sunch.
by Kriv D. April 01, 2018
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