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A guy who you want to spend every waking hour with. Whenever you are away from him you cannot get him off your mind.

Every time you are with him you do not want to leave. He is loving, caring, artistic, tall, handsome, and everything you never knew you were looking for.

He is someone that you have an undeniable connection with. He is the one.
That's my sugarbear over there, yeah the one wearing the snapback.
by yourboobear July 03, 2011
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noun. (1) a human male who exhibits many character traits and behaviours of a friendly bear; (2) a human male whose personality is sweet as honey and who has a particular penchant for real maple syrup; (3) a human male who has superior physical form, is very muscular but also good at cuddling - like a bear; (4) a human male who has optimal intellectual capacity and an ability to engage in stimulating thought and conservation on any subject; (5) a rare human male - there is only ONE - who is the PERFECT boyfriend for me.
My Sugarbear, who shall remain unnamed.
by Rachel January 22, 2004
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A very attractive woman, particularly someone who is sexy, and described as delectable, delicious, gorgeous or intoxicating. For example, someone who is particularly sexually alluring and simply irresistable.

Another form of calling a sexy girl, a sweet name. Instead of calling her a typical, common name such as, baby, honey, sweetie, you call her "sugar bear", because its different, uncommon and very sweet.

A Sugar Bear can often be found prowling the beaches of Miami looking hot, sexy and sweet.

The word sugar is derived from slang urban usage as in the songs "pour some sugar on me." It is also a term of endearment. The word bear is used for its association to sweet things, and also because they are so irresistably cute and desirable. Bear also lends a sense of power because the charm exuded by the sugar bear is formidable and powerful.
Kristina: Hey babe, what's up?

ND: Oh nothing, just dreaming about my gorgeous sugar bear. You are so hot babe, how can I ever get any work done.

Kristina: I know I am irresistable, but you like it don't you?

ND: Of course I do. Why are you so sexy babe.

Kristina: Put your books down and come get some sugar. I am so hot and you need to cool me off.

ND: You are so irresistable, sexy and delicious.

Kristina: I know.
by Honie Badger April 12, 2011
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a homo bear that likes sweet jerkins in their muddhole...usually hangs out with steves or johnnys or big willys
dam look at those sugarbears makin out in that parking lot
by lotsa sause November 22, 2010
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