Ghetto town in Western Suffolk County, Long Island. Prolly the ghettoist town in Suffolk

This place aint got no good stores or even a fast food restaurant so you gotta drive all the way to another town for a fuckin Cheeseburger. The Danch also be known for grown men and gangs standing in front of gas stations and corner stores so half the residents afraid to shop in their own town. Almost all the store owners there be unfriendly, scared and rude; don't know how to say hi or thank you, they rarely even talk to you and at one gas station they wont even give you eye contact, i don't know how half these stores stay in business- they don't even treat you like you human. In the Summer there is mad shootings but it aint as bad as it was in the 80's. The Schools there are terrible, its the worse on the island. Its mostly Black with some latinos. They started revitalizin the area this year, so will it get better? Da fuck I know

Wheatley Heights be to the north of Wyandanch and its upper middle class, it's mostly black with some whites. it used to be apart of wyandanch but since they didnt want to be associated with wyandanch they changed their name but they still got that 11798 zip code and share the same emergency services so it still dont make no difference!
Wyandanch Mom: Yo, Y'all hungry?
Kids: Yeah! Mommy, we want Burger King.
Wyandanch Mom: Aight, chilrenz, get up in the Minivan we about to drive 8 miles to getcha'll some Happy Meals
Kids: Why cant they be anythang closer?
Wyandanch Mom: Cause this Wyandanch
Kids: Shit!
Wyandanch Mom: Now come on
by hailfromstraightpaf October 15, 2011
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