1. A sarcastic deviation of the word "success".
2. Outright failure to amuse, entertain or otherwise impress.
3. To suck
Your feeble attempts at humor are a suckcess.
by who__cares May 16, 2009
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Where you are able to accomplish either one of two often-difficult-to-attain goals:
(1) Convincing a hot hunk with a really nice cock to let you give him a blowjob. (Can also loosely mean "sucking access", as in, being allowed to wrap your lips around that succulent man-meat whenever you want to.)

(2) Pumping out ("sucking") the sewage ("cess") from a really "ornery" septic tank.
Hottie #1: Yo, Girl --- how'd ya make out with Brandon?
Hottie #2: Oh great, hunny --- gave him a blowjob he'll never forget! And I felt really privileged to be given suckcess to that huge tasty cock, too --- he doesn't submit to just any gal, you know... she has to be fairly special to him before he'll allow her inside his boxers.

Red Green: So how was your workday, Winston?
Winston Rothschild: Oh, pretty good, Red --- that last tank I pumped was really a doozy, but I kept at it, and at last I was suckcessful.
by QuacksO October 23, 2017
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The ability to always fail, and consider yourself a winner
I consider myself a suckcess at everything I do. That's why I will continue to make America great again.
by Marine bcb November 17, 2016
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