Short for "suck a dick", when talking to teachers or adults to hide the true meaning and avoid punishment.
Get back in your seat, the bell hasn't rung yet!!

by Yarcofin September 28, 2003
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the definition of suck mah d means for one to get down on their knees and suck one's d (dick). Suck mah d can either be feminine or masculine. You can say suck mah d in most context's either when your pissed of or when someone is being a douche bag. Suck mah d can also be a spur of the moment kind of saying, kind of like hello or goodbye.
Boss: Hey you, know your role!
Employee: Well how about you suck mah d!

Person 1: "Exscuse me I need to get by"
Person 2: "Suck mah d bitch"

Person 1:"Hey whats up"
Person 2: "Suck mah d"

Person 1: "You are very hostile"
PersoN 2: "Shut it or suck mah d
by Samantha c September 21, 2006
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Sucking some mean cock, primarily used around minors for ambiguity.
I just had a five-some and I was sucking some D.
by Mat ROSS July 11, 2009
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The music theory equivalent to "suck my dick". Originated in the Merrimack Valley.
Mark: Hey Jeff, you suck at guitar.
Jeff: Suck my D sharp.
by El_Jeffe_Cabeza November 22, 2013
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a more extreme version of the phrase "suck it". this not only demands someone to suck a dick, it demands that they suck a fat dick.
todd: hey man you're gay.
tad: well why dont you suck a fat d?!!
by trunkman51 September 06, 2008
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