stunnin- a guy or girl who looks very attractive. other words: looker,nice,beautiful,sexy.
nik: check that girl at the bar shez pure stunnin ae?
jordan: yeh, shez pure nice tae look at.
nik: i might approach her
jordan: i rit, shez my chik
nik: a dinny hink so
by claire johnson March 7, 2005
1.ehh why yuu' stunnin.
2.dayum did yuu' see daht quy he is stunnin.
by Jazzy_hawt001 May 27, 2008
Andrea: I swear I didn't cheat on you baby!
John: I don't believe you, quit stunnin.
by Mydel April 25, 2008
Something that makes your eyes pop and your jaw drop out of amazement.
It was a view so sublime and (absolutely stunnin) I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
by Sillysox July 12, 2017
An expression telling someone to stay cool, hip, or fly. Used mainly in Poughtown, NY, by one person.
"Hey man, Stay Stunnin' !"

"Yeah...ummm...whatever...don't call me again."
by Chet Mohr September 7, 2007
Coastal stunnin is gonna be on top and is the gang bitch
Coastal stunnin is ran by a snaggle tooth in a genesis
Coastal stunnin the gang
by Da gang man November 17, 2020