1.) short for queer.
2.) is an actual queer.
3.) likes queers in his ears.
1.) Lanh: You're such a quy!
Hieu: Man, you're supposed to keep that a secret T_T

2.) Lanh: I'm so quy.
Hieu: Did I ever tell you that I'm quy, too?

3.) Lanh: My dick is so lost, I have no place to put it.
Hieu: Well you know, you can put it in my ear.
Lanh: That's a great idea! You a quy kinda guy!
by Dicksukie May 2, 2008
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1.) a mark ass trick
2.) a trick ass mark
3.) a skank ass hoe
4.) a bitch ass nigga
5.) a stout ass chode
6.) a cuntslap69 ass mofucker
7.) a bat's cave
8.) an extreme rat's nest
9.) a goblin poop
1.) That nigga is a quy!
2.) That nigga scuffed my shoe. WHATTA QUY!
3.) That nigga dressing dirtier than ever. That quy should stay off the streets and stop selling herself.
4.) That nigga robbed me and sucker-punched me! FUCKING QUY'S THESE DAYS!
5.) My quy has girth, but doesn't reach farther than my pubes :
6.) That fucking quy didn't play Gears with me!
7.) If you don't wash your quy, it'll get a yeast infection
8.) My butthole HELLA dirty. It looks like a rat's nest. No, scratch that, it's a quy!
9.) When Spiderman was about to kill Green Goblin, that nigga pooped out a little quy!
by Cock Cruncher May 11, 2008
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a combination of quiet and shy, pronounced k-why.
My brother is really quy... someone needs to slap him.
by Anna_Banana_Fofana July 11, 2008
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When your room-mate, best friend, or random stranger asked you to gently rub them using your fingertips or fingernails.
by Taschman January 3, 2013
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Another name for cowlick, or turkeytail.

"Q u sound like quite"
by suzyq84047 March 21, 2018
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A very Gay and annoying asian person who clears his throat a lot while trying to get you to do his work for him then complains to management that you aren't doing your job.
That Qui was over here shopping out his work again, we'll be in meetings with HR at the start of the week.
by Stan West August 20, 2004
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No set definition, can mean anything and everything. Often used but not limited a substitute to for a curse word.
Dayum look at her big ol' Quis
What the Qui?!
Qui two one blast off!
by Quing Mustang October 27, 2010
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