verb or noun. to insert one finger into the vagina, while simultaneously inserting two into the anus. Optional use of thumb to stimulate clitoris is encouraged. Once fingers are inserted, they are rapidly thrust in and out repeatedly. (similar to the shocker)
as verb: Wow, I stun gunned her. It was fun.
as noun: that was a nasty stun gun you gave her last night.
by erastus25 March 23, 2006
Inserting one finger into the vagina and two into the anus, simultaneously. Then quickly thrusting fingers repeatedly. Thumb use on clitoris is optional. (i.e.: a shocker variation - two in the stink, one in the pink)
I stun gunned that ho last night. It was mad hot.
by erastus25 March 20, 2006
Another way to say stunning used by lailatheebarbie
you look so stun gun girl
by cocainebarbie August 26, 2021
epithet accorded to a large penis by someone seeing it
for the first time
"When we went into his bedroom, I saw his stun gun."

"He showed me his stun gun behind the soda machine in the
by weasler February 21, 2006
when doing a chick doggie style,stick your pointer and middle finger in her ass in a gun like shape,then give her the stunner by then putting your fingers in her mouth
no,you didnt give her the stun gun did you
by jimmy jammer May 22, 2003
A series of words or phrases which seem to make sense initially, but actually don't. This momentarily stuns the target audience as they try to process the information.
John: I'm goning to get a bunch of Buffalo's starters for my fantasy team this year.

Mike: I dunno... you might not wanna throw your hat in the pie with that.

John: (pauses a minute in confusion from Mike's verbal stun gun) Throw my hat in the pie?! WTF are you talking about?!
by Schlagerboy August 30, 2010
a large human with broad shoulders and very ugly. interaction with this human may end up in pain.
'chris is a damn stun gun tonight'
by johnoboy May 14, 2008