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describes an animal which has been trained to back up to a stump to facilitate the act
Ol' Dave got that heifer so stump broke, all you got to do is step up on the stump and she backs up just pretty as you please.
by Booger February 27, 2004
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When some bastard in the throes of bestiality trains a horse, mule, or any livestock animal into not walking away from a tree stump whenever he, ahem... "assumes the postion"...

if said bastard gets his freak on with said beast of "burden", and the animal has not tried to run off, it's stumpbroke.
"That skank-ass hoochiemama is just like a stumpbroke goat, she's spent her whole life backin up to somethin doggystyle"
by Brian Wilson May 09, 2005
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had sex with an animal. stood on a stump during the act.
Ace Dog stump broke that mule out in the field today.
by dennisrwood October 18, 2003
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When you take your woman out in the woods, bend her over a stump and clean out both barrels just like you would a shotgun.
I took Mary Sue out to the woods and stump broke that ho.
by snizzlewizzle May 18, 2016
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To break ones will. To make one conform. Ass rape. To punk. The term "stump" represents the hieghth of the act taking place. To break someone over a stump and rape them. Hence the term broke.
" That boy looks like he's done been stump broke".
by jody young July 12, 2006
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