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Heavy metal kicks absolute ass...

It always has...

It speaks for it'self..
The only place some faceless punk could ever say anything about metal is on a web site like this.

Metal has proven it'self and stands the test of time.
Metal is in your heart.
To those who don't understand.... You never will..
And WE don't care..
Metal doesn't need you.
So go dis on punk or emo rap whatever.
WE will always be here.
We could care less what you listen to or how perfect you like your cords.
Wow I just made myself laugh...
Dude metal rocks.
Yes Corrosion of conformity is the baddest band of all time.
What about people who dis Heavy Metal though?
They are probably dising all the new shit that by some accident got called metal.
Anyway they just don't understand and never will so FUCK THEM....
by jody young October 29, 2006

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When ones stomach unflatteringly hangs down and out over the waist. Most commonly seen working behind fast food counters or shopping at walmart. Looks like a big ass in front. Often held tight with polyester.
" man she had a grand champion front butt"
by jody young July 08, 2006

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One thing that Punk obviously is not would be unified. Or having the same belief. Punk is perfectly acceptable for drop out age kids through early or mid twenties. After that it's like " ok lady your scaring us". "Fuck the Government,fuck what people say,I am my own person". " hey I'm punk, maybe broke live with mom but I'm movin out next month because she is ating like a bitch and I'm going to be fourty next week".
Old man on death bed..... "Hey kids keep punk alive ok, and don't ever let any one tell you what to do" "Tell us more ole wise one" "OK, fuck what any body thinks and always think about yourself only defend these things and oh yes never I mean never listen to what antbody else has to say remember you are the most important person in the world. Fuck family fuck( coughing up blood)every thing
by jody young July 15, 2006

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white owl refers to ones penis.
Man urinating outside...." hey Joe you want a hit off this white owl while I got it out?" "Hey Fuck You"
by jody young July 23, 2006

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To break ones will. To make one conform. Ass rape. To punk. The term "stump" represents the hieghth of the act taking place. To break someone over a stump and rape them. Hence the term broke.
" That boy looks like he's done been stump broke".
by jody young July 12, 2006

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