Not-so-arguably the greatest magazine to grace this planet.
"I'm going down to the local literature merchant to aquire the latest publication of the fine men's magazine, Stuff"
by Arizek November 30, 2004
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Other word for condoms.
girlfriend: Hey honey, I bought new stuff....
by C14 August 06, 2004
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To assemble a printed circuit board.

Origin: Before the 1990s, most electronic circuits were assembled by pushing ("stuffing") component leads through plated circuit through-holes. Most circuitboards now use surface mount parts that are not mounted in holes. Nevertheless, the word "to stuff" persists meaning to assemble parts onto a printed circuitboard, regardless of whether the parts pass through holes.
I can stuff the first board by hand and send the rest to a board stuffer.
by CircuitGuy August 17, 2008
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1. S uper T otally U seless F unny F acts
2. Something cool
3. Funny word for stuff
4. (anything, say STUFF randomly)
ex1. Friend: "wats sup"

You: "STUFF"
ex2. Friend:(holding stuff) "look at this stuff"

You: "That is STUFF!"
ex3. Friend: "Look at this STUFF "(points to noun or pronoun)

You: "lol"
ex4. Teacher: "We have a test today"

Student 1: "This sucks"

Student 2: "Yep, STUFF!!!!!"
by TheSTUFFZ April 18, 2010
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"Oh my God. She's actually wearing clothes by Hilary Duff. Who in their right mind would wear something by her?? She's such a wannabe...
by HAHA April 10, 2004
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A word to summarise everything you have done that day but cant actually remember what you have done...
E.G: What have you done at work today mark??
I've done stuff..
What stuff??
Loads of stuff.. Just stuff
by stephge83 April 22, 2016
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