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(1)v. to act like a total piss-ass
(2)v. to harass female students, especially Asian ones
(3)n., v., etc. a handy replacement for any obscene vocabulary
(1) He thinks he's hella cool, but he's just strouting around
(2) It's O.K. to strout as long as you never touch.
(3) That mutha-strouting son of a strout just strouting strouted up my life!
by stroutin' awesome October 07, 2007
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A portmanteau of 'stroke' and 'pout'. A term used to describe the facial expression that forms a sideways pout with attitude, using only a side of one's face...hence stroke.
Girl 1 to Girl 2: You know that moment you're with a hot guy and he says something that makes you snarl, but at the same time you want to do unspeakably filthy things to him.....that's when you pull out the strout.

Man, that chick has so much attitude, look at her strouting.
by JenLea December 08, 2013
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