Suburb of Boston. Population about 40,000. Small cute New England town that is charming to drive through, relaxing to visit, and mind-numbing to live in. People here don't pronounce thier "r"'s
I love the foliage here in Chelmsford and it's convient location 30 miles from Boston, but damn if I see another maroon wearing, AE doning, white CHS student.
by KillerQ December 5, 2004
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A small town 30 miles from Boston, that no one has heard about unless they lived here, or have a friend from here. There's nothing to do on the weekends, kids think its cool to hang out at Stop & Shop.
Unless you live in the center of the town, it takes twenty minutes to get from one place to another. And our rotary changed from a simple circle to a messed up square.
There's nothing to do but get wasted or high, and if you want drugs, just walk across the street, because you're neighbor is probably dealing them.
If you're a football player, then you're set for life in this town, you become the hero, and get out of speeding tickets and possession of drugs.
Kid 1: Where do you live?
Kid 2: I live in a town with out a movie theatre, but it has two CVS', a Wal*Mart, and has nothing to do.
Kid 1: So, you live in Chelmsford?
by Moose120 November 28, 2005
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A small suburban American town. Typically 99% of the adolescent population takes drugs or drinks alchohol heavily everyday and graduates to go on to school at UMass Amherst. An alarming number of SUVs, denoting the stupidity of the town's adult population.

The prime location of it being near Route 3, Route 3A, I-495, Route 4, and others mean more people than should live here keep moving in, and jerks keep selling forestland to make new crappy developments for these jerks to live in.

Refered to in slang as the 'Cho', with different prefixes indicating geographical areas; NoCho = North Chelsmford, SoCho = South Chelmsford, and so on. (EaCho, WeCho, CenCho)

Also and firstmost, a town in the UK.
Dood, hanging out in Chelmsford sucks, all they ever do is get high or get trashed.. Or both.
by Roadcone August 2, 2005
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One of the most boring town to grow up in, its o.k. till you are like 10, then you're like... THIS SUCKS!!! but your parents like it... so you have to stay...
Chelmsford has good schools, you'll go to college, then come back and be nothing like me... Don't you have town spirit?
by The Vagabond December 17, 2003
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the action of lying. An excuse you give for something that doesn't exist, because we all know that no one knows whats in Chelmsford! So if you want to say you have something (but you really don't) say it's in Chelmsford!
person 1: I have three summer Chelmsford
person 1: I have an indoor and outdoor basketball Chelmsford
person 2: Dude show me
person 1: I cant Bernie will kill me
person 2: Dude your lying you don't have all that stuff!
person 1: In Chelmsford i have a girlfriend too.
person 2: Now thats crossing the line you obviously don't have a girlfriend your a fat chode!
by Harpo-Groucho-Zeepo March 13, 2011
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No matter what other people say, it's the best town in Massachusetts. You only know about it if you live there or have friends from there. Mostly middle-class families, some mansions making you think you're in Westford. Obsessed with sports and has great sports team even though every serious game is rigged. Main sports teams are football and hockey. Very competitive agains Billerica. Almost everyone has a Chelmsford jacket, pants, sweatshirt, t-shirt, etc. Has some of the best school systems in the country. Voted one of the best places to live. Made up of mostly people with the ethnic background of French-Canadian or Irish. Some Polish. The person who fired the "Shot heard 'round the world" is from Chelmsford. Has to many grocery stores. Not many other kinds of stores besides Wal Mart, CVS, Macy's, etc. Teenagers normally hang out at the Chelmsford Forum or the High School football games.
Billerica kid: "We just beat this great team by rigging the game."
Chelmsford kid: "What team?"
Billerica kid: "Chelmsford."
Chelmsford kid: "I knew it! I'm from Chelmsford ya know."
Billerica kid: O.o
by Chelmsford_Lion May 30, 2011
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in fact the original chelmsford is located in england, where a popular music festival known as the 'V Festival is held.'
come up with ur own names 4 towns u american idiots. chelmsford is a town in england NOT the usa.
by esther.L and Nell.C (the foxes) February 20, 2005
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