UK reference for a teenage lad, often white trash, that enjoys drinking Strongbow Dark Fruits cider, a sweet, fizzy drink that resembles a soft drink rather than a proper cider. It tastes like Ribena, is 4% ABV, and gets you buzzing.

This basic choice of beverage is a national symbol of someone basic, the average hype beast, bucket hats, wavey garms, the sesh, and adidas-donning lad culture, and, of course, Wenger out.

A dark fruits drinker's cover photo, if it's not of the Gallagher brothers, will be of his football club's home ground with flare smoke creeping across the pitch, Champagne Supernova WILL be played at his funeral.
That lad, 15 years old with strongbow dark fruits in hand is slagging you off again.

Pour some out for the bang average Strongbow Dark Fruit boys. As you were JL x

He thinks he's a fucking Gallagher, reps dark fruits, and wants an Oasis reunion, says it all.

People need to realize "the sesh" isn't a few pints of dark fruits. It's still being off your face at 6am and having a convo with a lamp.

Pass a dark fruits mate, I've had four tinnies tonight and am still going strong.

The people that came up with "cracking open a cold one with the boys" drank dark fruits, without a doubt.

Oh, dark fruits. His love for the purple-coloured nectar of the Gods is undying and everlasting.
by polominty May 11, 2018
Typical LAD loves FIFA And the sesh. Wears Silk silk and 11 degrees. Is buzzing for Ibiza with the boiis. Always asking girls for their snapchats. Cut them and they will bleed Strongbow Dark Fruits. Male equivalent of fiat 500
Wow that Luke guy at uni is so strongbow dark fruits, he’s just put “someone talk” on his Snapchat story
by jesssmithxo98 May 9, 2018
Males that drink this in the pub are certainly having gay sex with one another
by Lsundborg March 27, 2018