A British slang phrase originating from the South East meaning 'cool clothes'. Also the name of a London-based streetwear store.
"Mate those are some wavey garms! Is that jacket new?"
by ltltltn April 11, 2016
term (originating in London) refers most commonly now to "edgy", hipster clothing and is supposed to be complimentary, however, in the majority of situations it is a decent indicator that someone is in fact wearing shit or ridiculous clothes, but a type of shit clothing that fits the general "edgy", hipster vibe. This generally includes poor fitting "vintage" clothes (not always a bad thing), vintage shell jackets (often involving turquoise and pink) short sleeve shirts with pathetic graphic Hawaiian print the likes of which is stereotypical for middle aged tourists, and plenty of supreme branded clothing (the majority of which is offensively bad or average and overpriced) essentially "wavey garms" is a blanket term for clothing items that push the boundaries of how embarrassing you can look, in a confusing attempt to seem like you have some substance to your character.
example 1:
"hey, this girl I like only dates guy's who look ridiculous in public, do you have any wavey garms?"

example 2:
sam: "yes fam! that bucket hat is wavey as fuck"

john: "cheers mate"
danny: "you look absolutely ridiculous"

example 3:
james: "those are some wavey garms man, where did you get that jacket"
dave: "its high vis, I work on a construction site... additionally, fuck off!"
james: "no need for that"
dave: "get a hair cut"

example 3:
"hey, I haven't been ridiculed by members of the general public today, I might go back home and put some of my wavey garms on"

example 4:
son: "hey dad I'm going out"
dad: "you're a disgrace to me son"
by TheLiamGreen March 2, 2017