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Gloomer refers to several Wojak characters spread on 4chan describing young adults between ages 22 and 27 who lead an antisocial and uninspired life that may be a consequence of a blackpill OD, a rich inner world, eccentric tastes, and chronic anhedonia that alienate the Gloomer from the community. Although these aren't exclusive conditions for being a Gloomer, they provide a general basis for it.

Termed by some as an inbetween of the Doomer and Bloomer: the former being complete blackpill or the "final redpill", the latter being optimistic despite said blackpilling.

While the Doomer may be a lost cause, there is still hope for redemption for the Gloomer to emerge as a Bloomer and set aside their Weltschmerz, the other emotional destination being the honkpill.

The Gloomer may be an avid reader of Nietzsche, Hegesias of Cyrene, the Buddhists, Schopenhauer, and the Kali Yuga, among others.

The Gloomer is likely a symptom of a decaying civilization, social alienation, atomization, the realization of societal woes, and the degenerative effects of auto-domestication.

While the earliest variation of Gloomer depicted the character as a 27-year-old female, a male version of the character gained spread in April 2019.
"I'm considering a /nightwalk/ tonight"

"We're not gonna make it"

"I have a pretty cool mixtape, but you probably wouldn't want to hear it"

Normie: Why are you such a downer?

Gloomer: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”
by polominty May 8, 2019
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A derogatory nickname for the billionaire Elon Musk, first coined by Johnny Depp during the Amber Heard saga to vent his frustrations towards Musk dating Heard.
In a text conversation in 2016 with Depp's agent, Christian Carino: “But she sucked Mollusk's Elon Musk crooked dick and he gave her some sh*tty lawyers. I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion, or what I once thought was love for this gold digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market….I'm so f---ing happy she wants to go to fight this out!!! She will hit the wall hard!!! went on. "And I cannot wait to have this waste of a c-- guzzler out of my life!!!...I met a f---ing sublime little Russian here… Which made me realize the time I blew on that 50 cent stripper… I wouldn't touch her with a goddam glove.”
by polominty May 29, 2022
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UK reference for a teenage lad, often white trash, that enjoys drinking Strongbow Dark Fruits cider, a sweet, fizzy drink that resembles a soft drink rather than a proper cider. It tastes like Ribena, is 4% ABV, and gets you buzzing.

This basic choice of beverage is a national symbol of someone basic, the average hype beast, bucket hats, wavey garms, the sesh, and adidas-donning lad culture, and, of course, Wenger out.

A dark fruits drinker's cover photo, if it's not of the Gallagher brothers, will be of his football club's home ground with flare smoke creeping across the pitch, Champagne Supernova WILL be played at his funeral.
That lad, 15 years old with strongbow dark fruits in hand is slagging you off again.

Pour some out for the bang average Strongbow Dark Fruit boys. As you were JL x

He thinks he's a fucking Gallagher, reps dark fruits, and wants an Oasis reunion, says it all.

People need to realize "the sesh" isn't a few pints of dark fruits. It's still being off your face at 6am and having a convo with a lamp.

Pass a dark fruits mate, I've had four tinnies tonight and am still going strong.

The people that came up with "cracking open a cold one with the boys" drank dark fruits, without a doubt.

Oh, dark fruits. His love for the purple-coloured nectar of the Gods is undying and everlasting.
by polominty May 11, 2018
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What you heard. Admit it.

One of two possible audible words you can hear on a viral computer generated audio clip released in 2018.

Based on perceptible audible frequencies that vary from person to person.
by polominty May 18, 2018
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