When a person, usually famous is streaming a multiplayer video game and a person in the audience tries to get into the same game that the streamer is in and targets them, or tries to somehow talk to them.
Dude! This guy won't stop stream sniping me! He keeps on trying to kill me and only me!
by Tuney Y November 19, 2018
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When ninja has so much ego that he can’t comprehend anyone being better than him.
Tyler: if you leave this game now I won’t report you for stream sniping.
by SmeagolIsSwag_YT October 6, 2019
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Guy 1: Dude, why’d that guy get banned?
Guy 2: He probably got into ninjas game and “stream sniped” him
by random homeless guy January 22, 2019
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(kills someone) Ninja: YEESSSS

(grapples onto a wall with a trap)
by Follow @nogopss_ on insta plss December 23, 2018
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This is usually used when someone watches your/someone elses stream to get an advantage, or they try to get into their game to kill them.
They usually land on top of you (fortnite) or find your base.
It fucking sucks.
Ninja: *playing fortnite*
Ninja: *gets killed*
Ninja: dance.. dance.. THERE IT ISSS
*reports for stream-sniping*
by mysticrye October 10, 2019
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