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the scent trail that a man leaves behind him when he walks past, usually smells like a chemical plant of cheap /nasty axe brand or old nasty spice cologne
milenkovitch- what the fuck is that smell?? my nose is burning!
tony-chill out man i'm trying this new axe body spray stuff
milenkvitch- what the fuck did you spray the whole bottle on yourself??
tony- nah man i think the ladies like it
milenkovitch- fuck off your MAN-TRAILS are killing me and probably killing off any hot ladies in the vicinity
tony- yeah i guess i should try out the shower instead
by milenkovitch October 19, 2009
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1)-A term used for a person you are trying hard to be nice to , but really don't like.

2)- Refers to a person who is trying to be cool, but really isn't
3)-Refers to a person you work with and get along with , but normally wouldn't hang around with. They are all right people but just not of the same type of person you normally hang out with
person1-- What's up with "buddy rocker"waiting at the top of the stairs??
person2-- he's waiting for some on the spot work to be done
person1--Doesn't he know he's got to wait like everybody else??
person2-- he thinks he's VIP .
by milenkovitch November 16, 2010
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slang for the city of Victoria, B.C. (canada). a combintation of the word "Chick" (slang for a hot girl/lady) and the city of Victoria. This name is used because the city of Victoria apparantly has a girl to guy ratio of 3-1 or 4-1, depending if you got laid recently or not.
joe- how's the club scene recently??
milenkovitch- friggin amazing!! there are so many hotties in Chicktoria i can't believe it!!
joe- thats so much better than Lantana Florida. I think there are ,like, no hotties there!!
milenkovitch- umm yeah what are you talking about??
joe- i don't know, pass me that joint.
milenkovitch- yeah sure , smoke ya later!!
by milenkovitch May 04, 2009
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hugh--(on the phone with a customer) Hello!! Is Milenkovitch there??
milenkovitch--(on the other end of the phone) yes this is milenkovitch
hugh-- yes we seem to have run into a "hiccup" in regards to your bike being repaired. It seems as though your chain is broken an I will need to replace it with something fancy, this will raise the price of the repair to $200. is this going to be ok
milenkovitch-- yeah sure, you are so cool being a bike fixer, no problem.
by milenkovitch May 11, 2009
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a person that listens to older hip hop music and constantly talks about it like it its the best music EVER!!!
"hip hop hippies" are in luve with de la soul, tribe called quest, public enemy, jay z , wu tang , etc......
"hip hop hippies" refer to their prefered hip hop as "real" and " the bomb" or "da bomb". Modern hip hop is frowned upon and called "shitty" or "with out soul"
1- yo dawg what ya lisnnin to??
2- s'up , i'm lisnnin to Grand Master Flash!!!
1-you are such a "hip hop hippie" dawg!
2- watch yer mouth or i'll pop a cap in yer bum.
1- chill out

2- no you chill out
1-i'm outta here
2- i second that motion
by milenkovitch October 05, 2010
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democratic party. , not to be confused with double penetration (although it may feel like that if you disagree with the aforementioned groups laws and get caught and aren't a member of the upper class/elected officials) This is also the new improved name of "new democratic party" here in canada. Denise Savoie is a higher up member of the party and thought the new name would some how get them elected. People who didn't vote for the NDP think she is stupid for doing this because this is not going to help.(circa2009)
milenkovitch- " who did you vote for??"
brent- "the DP party"
milenkovitch- " that's gross, i don't swing that way"
brent- " um ,,, no seriously, that's who i voted for"
milenkovitch- " can you step away from me , you're creeping me out with all this voting and shit"
brent- " BELLA come here you little stinker"
milenkovitch- " yeah maybe bella likes the DP
by milenkovitch June 11, 2009
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