1. A time-keeping device.

2. A phallic innuendo originating from the Torchwood television series, a spin-off of Doctor Who.
---"You still got that stopwatch? I think we've got a few minutes before the student get themselves in here, and I'm curious as to exactly how many minutes that might amount to."

-"You can’t fully enjoy using a stopwatch in just five minutes.”

---"I suppose you may have a point there.But in that case you still owe me, best keep it about in your pants for later then, before we find reason for you to draw it out."

by Gabriel Halifax &Trace Mayreen November 16, 2007
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a person who is obsessed with stop lights
dude bro pay attention to the road and not the stop lights you stopwatcher!
by little RR king March 25, 2011
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When doing a girl from behind, and she reaches around and pulls the condom off and puts you back in her raw.
My girlfriend and I were going at it doggystyle last night, and she wasn't feeling me with the condom on. So she pulled the old Alaskan Stopwatch on me and we fucked like crazy.
by Mikey 145 April 10, 2006
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When a man tries to use the restroom, such as in a urinal, and another man walks in and begins speaking, breaking Male Bathroom Etiquette. The first man's stream then begins to stop flowing, and begin, as the second man starts and stops talking.
Man #1: *urinating*

Man #2: *urinating* Hey, Bob.

Man #1: *stops urinating* Stop talking, you're giving me the stopwatch effect.
by KingBreaker July 4, 2011
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