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The position that is achieved when you are too high, drunk, or cross faded to function. This position is a key component to whether or not this individual will vomit. If said person has entered the stonehill DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THEM!!! This will induce vomiting almost instantly. This can appear in a variety of ways, but mainly the person is in some form of the fetal position.
"Man Nick entered the stonehill last night and didn't move for four hours!"
by fishwat March 10, 2014
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Stone Hill Middle School

It is a middle school located in Ashburn aka Cashburn. The teachers there are pretty decent. The hallway pattern really sucks. They are trying to make you late for class. They don’t take anything seriously. Stone Hell Middle School. The food there is trash it’s like jail food and there mash potatoes are like chewed up potato chips. Gross.

I go to Stone Hill Middle School
by Vilosoraptor24 March 23, 2019
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