Really fuckin high.

Smokey was tokin with Sarah and I, and first used this word, when Brooke woke up and fell out of the trunk.
"Damn dude, she's stoneder than i've ever seen anyone before."
by Mikael Draven June 25, 2004
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More high or more higher , the highest high
You need to be more stoneder to do that! I like when you were more stoneder...Thursday I was more "stoneder "then last night when this happens.
by C.W.breed October 6, 2018
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What you get when you stop smoking marijuana and then start again.

If you quit now, you'll be stoneder later when you start again!
If you quit now, you'll be stoneder later when you start again!
by sacksmoker June 1, 2014
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When you are already stoned and you want to get stoneder.
"Yo, haydn, are you stoned?"
"yup, what about you."
"yeah, but i could be stoneder."
"wtf did you just say?"
"ill explain it on urban dictionary so you can read it."
"ight nigga, give me the blunt."
by mal but better November 18, 2019
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A word used when one would like to convey that they are more stoned than their friend.
The more you cough, the more stoneder you get
by Hubble95 August 23, 2019
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To be more stoned than someone else.
My buds were better than your's, dude...I'm way stoneder than you.
by KINGOFKUNT November 2, 2020
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