to be so unbelievably excited about something that you start feverishly beating your gentiles to roughly the wound-up pace of the heartbeat of a very, very tiny mammal
Austin was so stoked to see the new Taylor Swift calendar that the occasion called for a trough of Vaseline, and later copious amounts of Neosporin and gauze.
by ak_alpenglow January 16, 2011
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being pumped up while doing somthing.
Im so stoked, i just pulled a sweet trick.
by wedge April 13, 2003
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are you stoked man no way im gona sleep with her, shes got 1 leg.
by phil stevens August 25, 2007
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Why is he so stoked about the move?
by The Return of Light Joker October 8, 2009
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must be used by all pro surfers when describing how pumped they are after a win just so stoked!
by em April 23, 2003
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I am so stoked...
by jtnewsom November 22, 2008
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The word, much like 98 Degrees, was only popular during the nineties. At the time, it meant "to be excited about something".
Bob: I am so stoked that we got tickets to see 98 Degrees!
Tom: I sincerely hope for the sake of our friendship that your play is to score with the countless hot girls there.
by statscat January 3, 2018
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