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Female bedclothes with a particularly feminine and sexy design and sensual materials. Intended to accent a woman's sexuality and arouse desire. Often adorned with lace and frills.
Occasionally used by a woman as one of the tools to distract men and get something they want.
Joan usually wore flannel pajamas to bed, but tonight she was a knockout in her revealing, pink nightie.
by Knyte Writer February 13, 2007

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The perspiration that forms during sex from exertion and sexual stimulation. Starts on the upper lip, brow and chest. Often immediately proceeds orgasm.
As I was riding his cock, I broke out in a passion sweat.
by Knyte Writer February 14, 2007

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A male cross-dresser or a man who lives full or part time as a woman.
With his sister's help, Ned spent the weekend as a gyrl. He delighted in the dress shopping and make-up sessions.
by Knyte Writer August 21, 2009

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1. A large impressive penis always ready for action.

2. A massive German battleship in World War II.
1. "His dick is a fucking Bismarck."
by Knyte Writer February 14, 2007

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To interact with someone in a verbal or physical manner so as to inflame their carnal senses and feed their passion.
The touch of his fingers on her vagina stoked her lust.
by Knyte Writer February 15, 2007

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