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A name given to sprinklers in which reclaimed water is being used. Caused by the smell of reclaimed water coming out of a sprinkler which smells like something between rotten eggs and a horrible smelling fart.
Somebody close the windows, the stinklers just came on outside and the stench is smelling up the whole house!!
by chrislish July 27, 2009
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a two day process- day one, get some chick to eat fast food all day, at least ten double quarter pounders, fifteen or so bean n cheese burritos, or any combo you choose as long as its heavy and greasy. the following morning have her down two packages of ex-lax and a bottle of castor oil. soon after lay her on her back, fold her legs way back so her ass is straight up in the air, and proceed to stuff your cock up her ass, pounding away till she starts gaping open. keep fucking hard till she starts feeling iffy, once she cant stand it any longer place the head of you cock with slight pressure in the anus, and let her push with all her might till the liquid stink sprays out in a 360degree torrent of filth around your cock head like the old style sprinklers used back when you were a kid
man: dude i made a five foot perfect circle of shit pulling a stinkler with some bitch last night. took forever but was totally worth it. buddy: you have issues my friend.....issues. man: dude you would have done it. buddy:.................ya, i would.......hehehe
by marvin pallet July 29, 2012
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