(n.) The idiotic, blubbering cat from ren and stimpy.
Do something stimpy, i don't wanna have three butts!
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
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To attempt to take, steal, snag, or gank something
1. "He just tried to stimpy my orange soda!"
"Obviously, he was black."
by beyte March 5, 2009
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A stupid uncat-like (ie. graceful) cat from Nickelodeon.
"Stimpy, I will kill you!" - REN
by Diego June 30, 2003
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1. a very bad cat
2. see Ren
3. stupid, balloted sack of protoplasm
"Stimpy, you fool, you could have gotten us killed you eeeidiot!"
by Bud E Love May 5, 2003
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Someone you wanna fucking run away from.
Stimpy gay
by ya ouu lil pump April 10, 2019
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u are stimpy at fortnite
that means you are a bot
by ixWorthy August 17, 2019
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To think you know anything and everything, when infact are mostly wrong.
I have one thing to say about the new upcoming skill kk guyz... Buy Bones!! | Yeah ok stimpy...
by Zemus3654 February 5, 2010
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