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1. Present participle tense of the word "still," as opposed to the more common use of the word in reference to "still at" or "still being." Use of the word "stilling" replaces the need for the present tense of "to be" in the sentence.

2.. Passing and/or wasting time occupying a certain space or the attention of a specific object, person etc.

3.. Passing and/or wasting time performing an action or task that may not necessary negate the allotted time given to the person or task.
Person A: Stilling at the party?

Person B: Nah, I left early.
by OracularEcho April 02, 2011
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When one takes long sips on a bong or reefer then passes out, and upon waking up repeats this prosses. Done reptatviely for a day or so
He just laid around stilling all weekend

No wonder she didn't answer the phone she was stilling so he was totally out of it
by Shareem August 07, 2006
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