What the people of Cuba think as America ignores their pleas not to do what Fidel Castro did to them.
Cuba: *Gets rekt by socialism*

Also Cuba: "Don't do it. Don't let Creepy Joe bring your country down to our level."

America: *Elects Creepy Joe*

Cuba: "Why are we still here...just to suffer....every night...."
by Someone who kinda exists August 13, 2021
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The act of never never moving but experiencing life's greatest pleasures.
Rob eats a bag of "Bold Party Blend" Chex Mix.

Rob gloats about finding three rye chips (he claims five).

John exclaims "i've been there i've came back i'm still here" because he's eaten an entire bag of "All Rye Chips" in one sitting.

He knows what's up.
by Sir. Sacksalot April 12, 2011
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