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a lesbian who identifies with both femme and stud personalities and dress in the lesbian world, her attitude and dress change to meet the appropriate ocassion, and she normally does not fall strictly into one category the other.
Joan was neither a stud nor a femme. Joan was a stemmie.
by beccab January 28, 2008
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Someone whose intellectual capacity is limited to brain stem functions. Usually results in very short-sighted and selfish decisions.
"I feel bad for Bob, his life is one problem after another"

"Face it, he is a stemmie. He could not make a good decision to save his life."
by jfburke619 May 02, 2012
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Or "Stemjob" Used by people from Broken Hill. slang for stupid dumb idiot dopey silly foolish crazy
Don't act like a. Stemmie. You idiot. You're a Stemjob!. He was acting like a Stemmie and stuffed up.
by Chanzcesr May 14, 2018
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