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In Germany a penis that is erected can be called "steif".
Mostly one say:"Ich habe einen Steifen."
It is very very informal, so one shouldn't use it in public
Mein Penis ist steif.

Ich habe nen Steifen.
by Elessar September 18, 2006
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1. To Steif means to do something so detrimental and abnormally dimwitted that you are immediately mocked and ridiculed by friends, peers, or any human being within sight.

2. Also pertaining to embarrassing events in the past tense; "I Steifed when I..."

3. Having sexual intercourse in someones kitchen on a couch with a grenade.

4. Being rejected by multiple grenades within one particular night and/or weekend.

Synonym: Taking L's
"Austin has such a bad life, he steifs every weekend."
"Oh shit, I almost steifed!"
by FrenchToastMafiaAffiliate February 08, 2017
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German for "A piece of wood" It is Bavarian slang for boner, schong or penis
Ich habe eine gross Steif.

Nett Stief
by Vincent Lamar February 19, 2006
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