(N.): 1. Used in some punk/indie-music circles as a synonym for misogyny.
2. Someone who is a misogynist.
Syn.: sexist-pig, woman-hater

(Adj.): The quality of misogyny, or of being a misogynist.
Syn.: sexist, woman-hating
(n.): 1. "Hell, you can cut out a whole lot of punk rock in the 80โ€™s due to its steak, and/or homophobic, nature; the important thing is that we are aware of these shortcomings and take care not to reproduce them in our actions, focusing only on positive qualities."
2. "Man, did you hear the wife-beating joke buddy fronting that band told? The dude's a total steak!"

(Adj.): Hey dude, don't tell steak jokes!
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In tennis, someone who is no good at all, or who thinks they are good and really aren't. Origin is from "minute steak," 30 seconds on one side, 30 on the other, to denote winning two easy sets from them.

Origins are in WNY in the early 1990s, popularized by B. Ziemba. (1969- )
Can be popularly used to mean anyone who sucks at a given skill, not only just tennis.
Steaks get "torn off" when they get beaten, as they are always apt to be.
Joe thinks he is so good, but he's really just a steak. I beat him 0 and 1 just the other day.
by Griffster January 25, 2012
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A steak is a hot guy. there are three levels of steak, veal, steak, and brisket. A veal is a hot younger boy, a steak is a hot marinated young man, and a brisket is a handsome older man.
when you see a strikingly gorgeous guy, you tell your friend "look at that steak!"
by effie June 20, 2004
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a cut of meat from a farm animal; when in all caps, a woman's vagina.
Hot waitress: Hey, would you like some steak?
Male: Shit, bitch, gimme some STEAK!
by Rzeno May 25, 2003
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Steak is the word used for someone who is basically a meat head. The word steak is an extension of the definition of the word meat head and both words can define people who are jocks, but mentally are not the most talented. A steak can also just be one of the slowest most idiotic people you know, or an insult to make fun of your friend for being slow.
Girl: Wait, what time is it? Is it 2:45?
Boy: Yeah, you came in here 15 minutes ago.
Girl: WHAT, oh my god, I my basketball practice started 15 minutes ago! How did I not realize, I've just been sitting here taking to you!
**Girl runs out**
Boy: Dude, that girl is such a steak. How does she even manage her life.
by mxkidhayy22 July 21, 2009
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