Name of female genitalia with extremely large outer lips. The large lips hang out and protrude as the large pieces of steak do from between the bread.
You should never accuse someone of having a steak sandwich. Either make fun of her later or enjoy if you like that kind of thing.
That girl had the biggest pussy lips I've ever seen. What a steak sandwich.
by holdmydrink September 4, 2005
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The Philly Steak Sandwich is when a girls pussy has been so pounded that it now looks exactly like a fucking Philly Steak Sandwich.
The Philly Steak Sandwich

“Yo dude have you seen Jesica’s pussy bro? It legit looks like a Philly Steak Sandwich.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
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I went out last night and this bitch invited me back to her place to eat the old pink steak sandwich. I said I would, if I could give her a strawberry shortcake. You should see her face today!
by Sue_Ellen1 February 2, 2009
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When someone gives a shitty excuse as for why he can't attend an event. The adult equivalent of "my dog ate my homework", transparent.
by Noiryx March 3, 2018
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When two white males have a threesome with a black female. The males being the buns (white in color) and the steak (black in color) being the female.
Hey i heard you got with that black girl in our class last weekend?
Yeah man, me and Johnny steak sandwiched her
by Rome Price March 28, 2016
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A uniquely delicious variation of the iconic Philly cheese steak sandwich.
Mmm mmm! Damn Yo, for real these flip steak sandwiches da bomb yo!
by Fukshit Mountain December 3, 2018
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