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The act of fucking a girl while in the attic, then getting a minimum of three friends to bust into your house and yell “zey are in de attic” then proceeded to come up and gang bang the girl.
“Yo I’m planning on pulling the Anne frank this Friday you in?”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
The Philly Steak Sandwich is when a girls pussy has been so pounded that it now looks exactly like a fucking Philly Steak Sandwich.
The Philly Steak Sandwich

“Yo dude have you seen Jesica’s pussy bro? It legit looks like a Philly Steak Sandwich.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
When you are lying down naked yell “beyblades, beyblades let it rip!” Then viciously rip out anal beads from a girls ass as she is balancing on your penis then she proceeds to spin on your tip like a fucking beyblade.
The Beyblade

Yo dude I just beybladed this bitch and she broke my fucking window.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
Where a man put his penis in a bee hive and proceeds to get stung then quickly shoves his penis in a females vagina and waits until it starts swelling up like a hot air balloon then yells, “up up and away!!!”
The Hot Air Balloon

“Yo dude I just Hot Air Ballooned this bitch last night, it was awesome.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
Similar to the Dutch Oven, the Dirty Jew is when you are in the middle of fucking a girl then you sneakily fart (most effective if you shart) in the pillow case the grab her head and shove it in the open side of the pillow case and yell, “SEIG HEIL, I LOVE AUSCHWITZ!!!”
The Dirty Jew

Person 1: “Yo boys ima Dirty Jew this bitch tonight”

Person 2: “SEIG HEIL!!!”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
Just like president JFK’s assassination, The Lee Harvey Oswald is where during sex, just before climax the man pulls out and runs to the far side of the room then attempts to ‘snipe’ the girl in the head from his current position.
The Lee Harvey Oswald

Bruh I just Lee Harvey Oswald the shit out of that bitch last night.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021