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A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer.
Even though I live and work in New York, I don't always get to enjoy all it has to offer, what with my work commitments, but I sure did have an awesome time here during my spring staycation.
by SVS August 23, 2006
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A reprieve from daily activities of work and chores; taking personal time for more important pieces of life... such as anal sex, the rusty trombone, and rewarding your significant other for getting you flowers with ridiculous sexual favors.
Thanks for sending those flowers to work to show people I am loved, lets take a staycation so you can tear my ass apart.

This Friday was my last day of work before my staycation, so I stopped by Walgreen's to buy a 12 pack of personal lubricant.
by JRockdown June 28, 2011
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With the price of gas soaring, a staycation is what most Americans will experience during the summer of 2008.
by BeachSaint May 24, 2008
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1. The equivalent of being unemployed for a week.
2. A chance to sit around and look at all the reasons you wanted to get away for a week in the first place.
Man, since I took that staycation, I really feel for all the guys who lost their jobs.

All I did on my staycation was chores
by miriam-websterrr July 09, 2009
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A vacation you take at home.
I decided to take my vacation time at home and just take a Staycation.
by CromwellsWorld July 01, 2009
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A Stay-cation is something you do when your broke. You can't go on a real or proper vacation out of town, so you just stay at home. You take a stay-cation when you get a fake promotion or No-motion ( promotion with no money). You go to Mickey D's or KFC around town and not the Charthouse in Maui. You eat burgers and chicken wings and not prime rib. It's not all that bad because you can catch up on all the "honey do" projects your spouse saved for you through out the year and you don't miss your favorite TV shows.
Hey everyone, I'm celebrating my No-motion by going on a stay-cation right here at home...How nice!
by ****Dr Dave April 15, 2010
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