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adj. having the characteristics or qualities of a statriot or statriotism; describing someone whose love of their home state will cause them to support or defend its reputation or interests often far beyond reason. (2006-d.f. < marnieism orig. in reference Australian Rules Football fans, state-ree-ot-ik.)
Marnie: How can you barrack for Collingwood!?!

Liz: ...after West Coast, then Essendon...

Jen: Yeah, Brisbane is my second favourite team, after Essendon...

Ryan: I follow all ten Victorian teams, before I follow any interstate teams.

Jen: Really?

Marnie: Yeah, Victorians can be really statriotic when it comes to football...
by Knoxville Girl May 10, 2008

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n. a human, usually a woman, whose main function has become the production of offspring, many times with careful consideration and intensive efforts given to ensuring favourable conditions (i.e. cash handouts, preferential parking, tax breaks, health, happiness, etc.) for both producer and offspring during and after the incubabtion period. (2007-d.f. < jenandtaraism orig. in reference vast numbers of ill equipped couples getting pregnant and having plasma screen televisions -oh and a kid, too, ink-yu-babe-er.)
The current cash offer of the government's "baby bonus" has the potential to turn many an impressionable teenager or upwardly mobile welfare mum into a mere incubaber.

"Geez, how many kids does she have now? Seven!?!"

"Wow, she's a total incubaber!"

"Yeah, with the cash the government gave her for the latest one they (un)wisely bought a third motorbike!"
by Knoxville Girl May 10, 2008

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