The math course that is essentially the lovechild mathematics and English... And sometimes psychology.
Student 1: "Dude! I get to take statistics this year!"

Student 2: "...What? Why are you excited!?"

Student 1: "Because I love math!"

Student 2: "...That isn't math."
by PolarBearKorean July 29, 2011
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The study of percentages, bars, graphs, and charts, all in an attempt to make some sort of logical conclusion out of a bunch of numbers so that even more percentages, bars, graphs, and charts can be made.
Statistics may not be of practical use in everyday life, unless you own a casino.
by AYB July 29, 2003
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also known as a useless subject one is forced to do to complete one's degree in Capitalism 1001 so one can get a piece of paper at the end of four years to be part of a globalised world so one can feed one's children (if one chooses to have any) and live happily ever after.

so if one does not do statistics one will lead a sad and lonely life.
look at all the happy people, want to know their secret? its statistics.
by vijekoon October 13, 2005
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(1)An offensively normal person.

(2)One who mindlessly follows the crowd, even to the point of letting down or betraying his friends.
(1)You don't really need an iPod, it just makes you a statistic.

(2)You won't D&D with us, just cause it's evil? You fucking statistic!
by Logical Dash June 07, 2006
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Live from g-25 let’s go! Put lil timmy tim in youtube.
Statistics Yuh!
Statistics Yuh! Yuh!
by Blasthisiswhyihateflying April 14, 2020
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a fire song made by lil timmy tim aka 2 inches proud aka timothee chalamet
statistics ya mrs lawton mrs lawton.
via giphy
by hehehehehe7 May 31, 2020
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a dead man, someone who was murdered, often used in as a lame ass threat
"the act of making someone a statistic"
"You wannna be a statistic?"
by Les973 February 13, 2006
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