Grumpy, bitchy attitude or disposition. Most commonly exhibited by females who work long hours in close proximity. Often alienates and confuses unsuspecting male coworkers and bystanders.
Damn, whats up with the stankness today? I didn't do anything wrong!!
by wordman07 May 7, 2007
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A cheap cologne or perfume used to cover up your stank ass.
Lemme put on this stank-stank cuz i'm in a hurry and don't have time for a shower.
by ihateautotune September 26, 2013
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is a word used to call a boyfriend or girlfriend. he/she doesnt have to be ur gf or bf they can just be your little something something on the side.
thats my stank stank right there
by eochs February 6, 2008
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When someone hasn't bathed after long periods of time, they are considered to be "stank-stank" because of their awful stench. This also refers to the smell of feet, bad food, or doo-doo.
Dude: "Nigga, have you been walkin in da marsh?"
Dude 2: "Naw, nigga. I just been runnin around. Why?"
Dude: "Cause, yo feet got some stank-stank, dawg!"
by Ookamibito March 4, 2008
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A harsher degree of smelling. The word smell would be too subtle but the word reek would be too extravagant. A middle level of a bad stench, finding a medium of stench.
Person 1: why do you stank so bad?
Person 2: hey man at least I don’t REEK!
by peepeepoopooman:) July 12, 2020
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The smell that is present when you are having sex.
"Close the door, your lettin' all the stank out"
by TMWLLAW February 13, 2010
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1.something stinky adjective used for a ho make better than the first time;with more emphasis
ex for 1: damn it stank up in here.
ex for 2: why you wit that stank ho you can do better!
ex for 3: "alright, play it again, but this time put some stank on it!"
by nappyafrochik April 6, 2003
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