A word to be used when you can't stand and/or handle something simultaneously.
Megan keeps saying standle isn't a real word. One of the many reasons I can't standle her.
by jaehys June 21, 2021
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something or a situation that you can not stand and/or handle
an annoying person trying to ask you out ten seconds after just being dumped.
i can not standle that man anymore
by beanor December 26, 2005
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In extremely difficult situations, when cannot handle, or stand, the pressure. hence, the conjunctive "standle".
"Watch out for nutcases who can't standle the pressure, they're sure to snap!"
by Mathiasaurus Rex August 29, 2006
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The appropriate word to describe a situation or person you can neither stand nor handle.
That outfit looks itchy...how can you standle it?

I cant standle that stupid man!
by Emitq June 14, 2010
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Standlee not Stanley because that would be a disgrace to America's most reliable, innovative, and quality tools. Stanley tools have a reputation for excellence and dedication for continuum testing, designing and improving products to ensure quality and maximum functions. Shout out to Stanley!

But those working construction knows that there is always that one Standlee, who just stands around doing nothing.
Easy money today, huh Standlee?

Standlee, you faka pass me da shovel!
by livehilivealoha February 02, 2016
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