a word that dublin people use for nearly every word :D
stall it shop

stall it for middo

stall it givvus that

middo:"fuck dat im havin another smoke"
louse:"no stall it you dont need that shit"

1337 h4x

by middo louse n dave August 21, 2007
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A phenomenon that occurs when someone who is defecating in a public restroom and another person walks into the bathroom, essentially trapping the pooer due to shame and anxiety. Predominantly occurs in public schools.
I'm sorry I was late. I had to go to the bathroom and got stalled.
by The Midnight Toaster July 11, 2019
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When one has nothing to say on the phone and makes stuff up. Usually when neither person wants to hang up and has nothing to say.
Mer: sooo...
Rox: yeah
Mer: totally
Rox: totally tubular
Mer: so tubular its almost cylindrical
Rox: hahaha
Mer: gah i hate stalling
Rox: hahaha me too
by Mertown September 10, 2007
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The structure enclosing a toilet in a public restroom. There is no stall surrounding a urinal.
Hide in the stall! The Dos Amigos are coming!
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
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going into bathroom stalls, locking them, and climbing over them, leaving them locked from the inside.
"hey lets go stalling"
by aaabbbccc78 July 16, 2010
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when you are walking and someone in front of you is walking at a slower pace, but you can't pass them. So you're stuck behind them almost walking backwards.
I was stuck walking behind a slow walker. I could not pass her, people were blocking my way. I couldn't move forward, I was stalling.
by stephantics November 9, 2011
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A loss of lift over a lifting body, usually caused by separation of the flow from the upper surface of the lifting body/ aerofoil.

Common types of stall by flow separation include leading edge, trailing edge and thin aerofoil stalling.
The plan stalled, and fell wildly out of control.
by victorhadin December 7, 2003
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