this phrase, which has been here since...forever, is used to mean something's cool. like rad, this was used by nerds in th 70s, but is coming back as a 'punk' thing...surfers said it too.
man, that wave was totally tubular!!!
by taylor.s January 8, 2005
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A phrase used by Lucas Sinclair in season 2 of the show stranger things while Lucas and Max (Madmax) are trick-or-treating. This term can also be used to express excitement and happiness. It was mostly used in the 80s.
Example : ( Friend 1)- Yo dude that party last night was totally tubular! (Friend 2)- Yeah dude, it was rad
by ExoTiic_Taxez December 25, 2017
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Me: Mom, I’m on TikTok!!!!
Mom: TikTak sounds totally tubular!!!!!

Me (to a Karen): Hey, by the way, you should be wearing a mask when you go out. Wearing a mask is totally tubular these days.
Karen: I don’t think so. I think speaking with the manager is totally tubular.
by Pialinist October 17, 2020
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