the act of standing in close proximity to a person of interest for a long period of time, eavesdropping with the hopes of jumping into the conversation. Feelings of intimidation, anxiety, and inadequacy usually prevent the person from succeeding, they just end up making a fool out of themselves. This would happen at social events (bars, parties, seminars, business conventions). Intentions can be sexual or job related (networking).

Matt has been stalking to that girl for an hour! why doesn't he just step into the group and ask her out so she can shoot him down!

Tom will never get that position at Leiman Bros if doesn't stop stalking to their CEO. That is bad from; he is completely out of his league!
by Mikey Fingers December 14, 2008
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When two people go for a romantic walk but only one of them knows.
See, they're going for a romantic walk but she doesn't seem to notice him. He must be stalking her then
by Bwitney January 23, 2018
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The urge to frantically know everything about a person by searching their facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr and sometimes even pintrest.
That guy is so hot! Lets stalk him!
She was so stalking me last night, she accidentally liked my profile picture.
by RhiRhi Got back May 28, 2015
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Is when two people go for a long romantic walk together but only one of them knows about it.
Jenna had no Idea I was stalking her during her two mile walk along the beach yesterday.
by Joey campana January 21, 2013
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Oh dude, I was walking down the street and I saw this fine piece of ass, and I got a right stalk on.
by LHC February 25, 2004
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To follow and/or spy on someone you have feelings for. Those feelings need not be of a kind and loving nature. People who stalk are usually obsessed with the stalkee.
Tim: Why are you hiding in that bush?
John: I'm stalking the girl who lives here!
by Nornin August 10, 2006
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When two people in love go for a nice long walk.
Only, one of them doesn't know they're being followed.
Dude One: I think that girl is stalking me man and it's freaking me out.
Dude Two: Oh man don't sweat it. It just means you're in love!
Dude One: Okay seriously man, what the fuck?
by I Learn Things From Bunnies November 5, 2009
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