A beautiful adorable boy who's supportive and the best ever
Person A: Wow, Stahl is so kind!
by sxcriel March 20, 2017
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def1. The act of cock blocking, or stopping a player from getting laid.
def2 The act of stopping of butting into a players conversation with a woman in such a was as to sink the conversation preventing the player from getting laid.
def3 The act of player hating in general.
def4 Intentionaly disrupting a players moves, for what ever reason whatsover.
example 1 Vanessa, was busting a sweat move in her attempt to pick up on Jason, when David stepped in and stahled her.
example 2. My attempt to hook up with Janet was stahled by David.
by JakerRivers November 7, 2009
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A brother in arms; friend; Echobrocation Device


surprised; impressed; supportive

Person A is lost in a crowd. Utilizes Echobrocation: STAHLS!
Person B: STAHLS!
Person A is found.


Person A: I found a dollar.
Person B: STAHLS!
by JQ88 January 17, 2020
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The art of licking ones deformed feet while skippy licks the blood off jeremy's sack.
Jeremy, why do u let your dog lick the smelly pussy blood of your balzsack.
by The Selfish Mongaloid June 2, 2003
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To perform any action with an extreme amount of swag, to walk with a mean swag lean, to do anything using swag to complete the action
That kid is the man (stahling) (hard) with a (chewski) in.
by cohn Jampbell March 12, 2013
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the biggest pimp, the most ganksterest gankster, better than paul wall.
dude, its stahl wall!
man, that stahl wall if off the hook!
by logan stahl September 10, 2006
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A large school located in Puyallup Washington where you must watch for perverts. In this school are lots of fuckboys. The social hierarchy is divided into two groups. Popular and just regular people. Most popular girls are very pretty but are bitches. Most unpopular people are usually depressed but very nice.
Oh you go to stahl jr high? I know where that is! Are you rich or something?
by Tyanaatrait November 20, 2015
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