1. Runs the show
2. God
3. That bitch in the headset
Have you seen the stage manager? I need someone to yell at me (I'm a techie)
by sillysnake5 March 2, 2010
A master of a stage that has a bunch of techies to do his/her bidding
Stage managers are the gods of a theatre.
by L Trizzle May 5, 2005
Some one in charge or getting all the wallabys on stage and feeding them cornflakes.
"Hey stage manager, get them damn wallabys on stage pronto!".....strewth
by Jrodriguezz March 21, 2011
The person that is below the director in terms of superiority. Generally one of the people with a headset. He/she will be at rehearsals to run them if the director is busy. He/she is generally a nice person unless you piss them off. They are the ones responsible for calling cues during a show, pulling the curtain, sometimes moving set pieces. Without him/her and the rest of the stage crew there wouldn't be a show.
Where did the stage manager go? We need someone to run rehearsal..
by Hello! Goodbye! August 4, 2012
A position in which the 'stage manager' pushes their partner up against the wings of the stage in order to have sex with her upright. When finished they rush backstage to yell at a techie.
--I totally pulled a stage manager last night.
--Yeah, I know. I heard it from the 3rd row.
by The stage manager January 31, 2009
Person who only answers to the stage manager and the director

Usually seen with the stage manager

Is more prepared than anyone at rehearsal

Usually doesn't know what they're doing

Is the adopted child of the stage manager
by tired crew kid April 4, 2019
A clown. Managing alvin while he is on tour.
“Alvins Stage Manager is sooo lame these days
by koookkkk December 14, 2022