See stag - refers to a male only social event prior to a man's marriage.
We're going to Newcastle for Paddy's stag do.
by Dan Fox August 5, 2003
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The best opportunity to get drunk, assume drugs and do nasty stuff along your best friend before he get married.
The man who is getting married: Ready for my stag do?

One of his best friend: Sure, I have already in my pocket a note with my home address!

The man who is getting married: That's so clever!
by eggio June 9, 2015
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This is when all the lads that are going on the Stag do are included within a WhatsApp group to swap information, post slack edited pictures, videos, take the piss out of each other and generally put crap about anything at all that has no relevance to the actual Stag Do.
●"What date will it be on and how much will it cost + where are we going?"
●"I'm having a 5 fish finger sarnie for Tea
by Barry McHarry February 9, 2018
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A gathering of men only to celebrate the stag pre wedding activities, must involve alcohol must not involve wife’s/girlfriends, sadly not all adhere to the rules
You not gonna believe it he’s only bringing his misses along to the stag do....... ya gotta be joking 🙈
by Unbelievable Geoff March 1, 2020
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