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Stands for: shawty thick as fuck.

Used to describe a female that is very thick, busty, or attractive.
Person A: "Did you see that girl over there?"

Person B: "Yeah staf"
by Stafhunter123 April 04, 2016
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refers to big people, or refers to being lazy. not a bad thing.
when you see your friend just sitting on the couch watching tv and eating, u call him staf. i.e. You are staf man.
by gin November 13, 2003
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In Terminator Salvation, If the only joy the humans can get is fucking, why not take the STAF?
by pw21 June 27, 2009
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depends on context of sentence, ie it is a reaction.
Kate: My dog died
Tarnia: (sadly) Oh stafs

Simone: I got laid last nite
Tarnia: (excitedly) STAFS!
by john smith March 25, 2005
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A replacement word for most swear words. Can be used as a word to describe something as outrageous or good.
Joel: What a stafs c***.

John: Dam negro that car is stafs.
by A to the Jay January 31, 2008
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Stafs - The term used by Padua boys which means amazement, but they tend to use it constantly to annoy others. It is often used at the start of their myspace or msn names. They get extremely annoyed when people from other schools and places use it.
Stafs Gavin: Hey stafs, what you been up to stafs?
Stafs Jake: Been stafs checkin' out these stafs cool sneakers.
Stafs Gavin: Ah, stafs dude, stafs.
by paduaskankalert September 23, 2009
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