A rank in many modern militaries, especially the United States military, that is above sergeant (Army/Marine Corps) or above senior airman (Air Force) and below sergeant first class (Army), gunnery sergeant (Marine Corps), or technical sergeant (Air Force).
Mike was a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps.
by Nicolaivich January 19, 2004
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A Marine with a really big dick. The hardest motha fucka to ever walk the earth.
Paul: That is a bad muthafucka. He got a shit load of pipe too.
Ronnie: That mothafucka's a Staff Sergeant dawg.
by Michael Allen August 6, 2006
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1. Title commensurate of an E-5 in the US Air Force

2. General classification of an enlisted US Air Force servicemember with a paygrade of E-5

3. The backbone of the United States Airforce.

Staff Sergeants do the work that it takes to carry out orders given by Generals.
That person over there is a squared away Staff Sergeant.

Hey airman, go move that pile of rocks. "Yes Staff Sergeant.
by woooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 6, 2011
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An unprofessional NCO, whom at the rank of Staff Sergeant, feels he/she is not accountable to anyone else. E-6 US Soldier who abuses rank to obtain pleasure, profit, or personal safety. Any Staff Sergeant who mistreats soldiers of the same or lesser rank, because he/she feels they are entitled to do so by some devine power without any consequence or intergity.
Staff Sergeant Major Dixon is such a dugan. He never tells his section NCOIC where he is at because they both are the same rank and he feels his rank is more important than duty position or accountability.
by TribalSoulJah October 13, 2011
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The act of being stuck for the enjoyment of others.
"Help me step bro, im totally Staff Sergeant Simpson right now"
by B.Richards August 31, 2022
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Someone who is unbelievably manly; an incredibly manly man.
"Dude, Ian just had sex with my mom while beating up your childhood hero!"

"Man, that guy is a fucking Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster!"
by The Breakaway October 14, 2009
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Officer : Where's 2nd platoon?

Grunt: They gone sir.

Officer: Why?

Grunt: Staff Sergeant Brothers came through. He doesn't give a flying fuck but he will fuck your shit up.
by Fukyachikenstrips June 28, 2018
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