to have a lot money
having a lot of money
To have a crunk ass ride like that you gotta have stacks on deck.
by Bottom boots sister March 7, 2005
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its refferring to the fact the person just took extacy.. stacks as in the excaty pill and on deck as in ur body.
lil wayne has a song called stacks on deck and they all talk about being geeked on sum extacy.
by madman. September 3, 2008
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Stacks on deck is a term that refers to having a sufficiently large quantity of money to the point where one can spend as much as they want without noticing the loss. The term is commonly included in hip-hop, rap, and RnB songs, often in conjunction with lyrics that claim to be able to provide unlimited luxuries for a female companion. An example of this type of usage can be seen in the song “Whatever You Like”, where the rapper T.I. sings “Stacks on deck, Patron on ice, we can pop bottles all night, baby you could have whatever you like”. Here the phrase refers to having enough money to buy limitless bottles of Patron. Obviously, having stacks on deck requires having a large amount of money, yet to use the phrase itself there are less obvious requirements. You won’t see a high profile banker or engineer use the phrase to describe their wealth because to most people they would sound like they’re trying to impersonate the style and tone of a rapper. Contrary to what some people might believe, the term refers neither to falling to the floor during a gunfight nor to taking MDMA, as is sometimes claimed. The term is a fairly modern one, thought to have originated due to high profile, rich playboys throwing down stacks of cash onto the “deck” of the bar, buying drinks without regard to cost. The term became somewhat more famous after the artist Soulja Boy created a recording label under the name Stacks on Deck Entertainment (SODMG).
To buy all that wacky tobakky, he must have had mad stacks on deck
by KyleBohunicky October 13, 2011
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To be so rich that you don't really have to worry about money at all. Well-known for some rap references, Little Wayne, TI, etc.
That bitch's gear is so fly, he gotta have stacks on deck.
by Lancington February 12, 2009
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To have money when u need it.Never Run Out
I Got Stacks On Deck Snow Flackes On My Neck.Used In Yung City Song "Grind Till We Rich ( Tryna Get Dis PApper)"
by YUNG CITY July 30, 2006
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When 2 people want to cuddle in bed, but the room temperature exceeds comfortable cuddling conditions. Therefore, you turn your backs to one another and intertwine your buttcheeks, alternating one person's atop the other's in a shuffled, card-like manner.
Jamey and Jessica climb into bed and engage into a typical cuddling position, but their body heat becomes too much to endure for the entire night and therefore they both flip over.

Jamey: Honey it's getting too warm to snuggle, I have to flip over.
Jessica: Ok but let's at least stack the deck (cuddling, essentially with your butt cheeks intertwined.)
by Nastyfax May 26, 2015
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to invite more of the opposite sex to any function, parties, events, or gatherings thereby increasing the odds that you and your friends are guaranteed a good time
hey, I was able to "stack the deck" for the boat party this weekend!!
by harder johnson June 1, 2018
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